The First Impressions Of Love

She had a house to herself bossomed in the hills. It was cloaked by the mists as chilled as the snow. The aromatic scents of spice and apples spread in her courtyard. She had always rejoiced in the evening breeze.
Once she was passing by the sweet flowers opening in way-side.

Pondering about, she said “Strawberries are in season at the moment. It  would be lovely to garnish the christmas-cake with the fresh strawberries.” 

With her basket she headed to the nearby stall in the town. She was in a soliloquy. The memories of the past brewing in her heart. 

“He is dear to me as this beautiful woodland. He is my companion,my solace, my delight.” she recited. 

They were less of lovers and more associates to each other. They were beyond the bars of infatuation. She recalled that meeting, when they had met after so long. They realised it was worth for the years, they have spent in the longing for long conversations. When they had yearned for a chance to exchange words, while looking at their beloved. So here lay the time.

Oh ! how beautiful were those hours when there eyes sealed. The golden-eyed flowers of pansy then blushed beside them.She tried to hide herself in the shade of her hat. He kept staring, he was mesmerized, this was his moment.

 “She is as graceful as the crimson daisies. She is mine escape to the world of love.” he said.

He held her closer, embraced her hand. She was on the cloud nine then, like she found her whole universe in his eyes. She felt shielded, when he held his hand and locked them in her honey-pale fingers.

“He is as tall as hollyhock flowers sprung up towering to trees. He is my true mate.” she declared.

 They took walk in the garden, where flowers peeped out against the leaves. For a while they sat a little on the middle bench. She was sentimental and his heart said he belonged to her.

They were diffusing there identities together and talked of everything under the sun. He reciprocated the phases of his life and dreams to her. Recollecting the past, he revealed the chapters of his life, like they will be one forever.
She listened to him as a sermon.Than her soul sat on her lips, and language flowed on, who knows from what source ? She conversed of things, secrets of her world with him.

And the secret ingredient he held both in his hands were the bars of choclate. The warmth of chocolate served  as an art for them. It was evoking colours and emotions. His ways had a resemblence to a gentleman. Bending on his knees he treated her like his lady, his eyes promised her a lifetime.

Holding her both the hands, he held her closer than she had never been. He could hear the rhythm of her heavy breaths. His lips touched her and they sunk into the fragrance of it. The birds in the background pecking at the ripe cherries. Twice or thrice, they kissed and continued and in one embrace they welcomed the onset of new breeze, new life.

          Unaware of the surroundings, but the fear of the world, they headed on. It was arrival of the dark hours, the fallen yellow leaves wet with the showers of fog. Cold was at pinnacle and trees bowing in their love. They were seen dancing, his hands on her waist, in the tone of melodious affection they shared.

 She layed her head on his lap, she glanced at her in an awe. Brushing her hair with his hands, their level of intimacy was rising in degrees and numbers. He kissed on her fore-head and carresed her lips with his fingers, resembling to the imagery where petals of rose are pressed by the sleet of snow.

Their arms locked each other, they were seen contented, happiest in the entire world. They sighed in the waves of this newly found intimacy, ultimate love. The clock hours were then striking, reminding them of their departure.”It was time to bid farewell”  her saddened heart whispered.

 She stepped away from him, he halted her for one last kiss, the final good-bye. In the coziness of their closeness they left the garden, where the dreams were real and life in the purest form. The unnumbered treasures followed  them with their foot-steps. The silent night was musing under the stars. The unblown roses promised to narrate this tale to every passer-by of the garden. There was felicity spread in the air.

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