A Walk On The Hills

“​The sun was bathed in the yellow light,

The seasons first snowfall on the hills,

Twittering of the distant birds, 

oh !! nothing could escape the sensation of picking apples from the orchard in the ealry morning.”

I was a traveller those days, staying in a nearby resort. I had come to experience the escasties of the hill-station, occupied by the most beautiful mountain ranges.

Curious to discover the organic recepies i visited the famous food factory, known for it’s delicious james and pickles. The owner of the place was a young girl with vibrant face and great zeal to work.

She stepped towards me and I started to enquire her about the foods being manufactured there. A long conversation ignited,  she asked me to join the little cottage beside the valley and i followed.

“What lovely flowers bloomed on the way and the scent of the grass spread everywhere. Pleasant breeze blowing from the water stream. I rejoiced myself to the fullest there.”

We sat and talk, she was brewing the tea from the local gardens.

“What made you work here”, I asked.

“Passion to work in the harmony of  nature. The highland people with untainted bosoms always inspired me.” she said.
“Isn’t the urban life inviting to you , more faciliting and comfortable.”I enquired

“Peace sooth my soul here, nature has widened my horizon.” she answered.
She was now almost in the state of trance, holding a cup of tea when she narrated.

Little treasures fill my heart. Sometime while taking a solitary walk in the woods, I hear sound of water droplets , nature nurtures my soul…”

No such joy was ever heard.Never such experience made vivid to my eye.A memory where these talks always appealed my primodial instincts.

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