When doubt is a bliss

“Doubt everything find your own light.”- Gautama Buddha
Doubt is an incarnation of our own fearsthat limits us. It stood on the threshold of our hopes, the door to our dreams.Like the phrase that appears on the gates of hell.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enters here.”

The same doubt ,triggers them to make impressions and peep wisely into their stagnant thoughts.When beggining is as cheerful as the road,which is less travelled by.The way aromatic with fragrance of novility,

And the buds on the verge of blooming.

oh ! They will blossom with the upcoming spring, with flowers in abundance.

 Dreams are meant to be followed like the winds that drives on the sea-shore. The devotee of his passion therefore starts meandering like the flowing river to its own direction.But as the violet lavender starts fading with the time , the enthusiast start loosing it’s desires.It is the hour when dillema cloaks their heart and mind.

They stumble, they fear, they exhaust and breaks down never to rise again.Their guiding light disappear like the stars in the black night.This is the moment that weaves you or scatters you into pieces you can never collect.But if the faith is firm, and talent natural to their inner self. 

No way to climb a mountain is  unfathomable for them.Dark clouds may ponder over them, they might sense the harsh lightning that will shake their beliefs.But they will rise ,as they possess the power insrutable to their own souls, that will evolve gradually with the passage of time. 

Their true ability unknown even to themselves, They will sing sweet songs,when set for the exploration of new roads.And will never hesitate to take the steps that imprints their footprints on the velvety carpet of history.

Image Source: http://www.google.com/images


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