The Quaint Coffee House

“Writing is a meditation. It is endless.It is a life long experience.” she said.
“Oh Lovely ! and why to spend years of your life writing?” the other enquired.

 They underwent a gentle walk accompained by the sounds of  rustling yellow leaves.The trees shedding autumnal leaves similar to the showering rain of feelings ,as from their conversation.Weather was subtle as their brewing thoughts, and beside gushing water stream was flowing  as their poetic talks.Their footsteps were followed by genuity and realism, taken aback by their ambitions. Their moods delighted as they sat inside the quaint coffee house, by climbing the hilly lane.There was novility in the chilling air.

She was there narrating her passion, that resembles the new bud in the blossoming garden. She harboured ambitions with myriad shades.She wanted to tread on the silver clouds of this world, not by flying in a chariot or sledge but with the power of magnificent words. 

Words that are colloquial as nearby streets, at the same time grand as the Queen’s visit.Words that muse her inner sense and announces her journey to the untrodden paths of life.

She recited the sweet songs of the days ,when she embedded herself into the world ,where every sound was unheard but the echo of the ink was audible. Carving out the ballads, tales and verses, out the spur of moment when she meditated in the midst of words. When every idea embraced her, followed her to the leaf where she poured down not only her feelings but the majestic innovations.

       Narrating her sad tales, she said  how she sighed in dillemas and fears, she sometimes thought of her dreams as unreal.But the same wave which could drown her, uplifted her to the pedestal from where she could always sustain to touch the stars and moonlight.

Writing is the fragrance for her where she breathes. It is the life-line, it is the only voaction where she meets her true self, her eternity.The cups of coffee now left half filled.The hueness of sun fading out and the onset of dawn was announced, by the birds flying back to snuggle in their nests.

 But they both talked with the same zest and arresting tone to each other, their language therefore flowed on and on .Mingling with the beauties of nature that embraced them, illuminating their souls.

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