The Season Spring

Each bud on the verge to blossom,
The daisies were swaying and frisking,

A butterfly concealing in the lashings of the blooming flowers,

Thre was kindling of red maple leaf,

And onset of the fallen yellow leaves. 

Oh ! the naive green species,
Resembling the pastel shade of foliage serene.

 The Cuckoo’s song was heard from the woods,

The pollen bearing plants fusing dizziness in the air,

The cherries and strawberries were bursting with sweetness,

The meandering river from the hills was mystic and crystal clear.

 Season of the garlands of hope,

Delighted bossoms of the observant folks,

Season of the maturing thoughts, 

As evolving of the bounties of nature.

 The communication of flora and fauna was mesmerizing my instincts,
 As i closed my windows to the world of passivity,

And became the outdoor wanderer of the meadows.

 It was the arrival of “Season Spring”.

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