Engaging in Lively Discourse ( tète-à-tètè)

The hours spent in tête-à-tête in the ancient streets, carved lovely china-pots , fine wodden table and people with golden bosoms.

Morals were rooted  and ideas were deep then. Exchange of every word was vivid .The warmth was  prevalent as the flavours of tea leaves.

Consistency in the thoughts was delightful as the aroma of brewing tea.

Decorum as natural as the  rustling of leaves in tea-gardens to the brim.

        Conversations were major, essentials, the spontaneous and serious both, with the layers full of  meanings and philosophy of life.

The untold stories were narrated , about the secret paths that beating  heart travels in the moonlit dreams.

Reminiscencing the bygone ,exploring the upcoming and breathing every curiosity in the present.

To unfold the assets breathing in the relic papers of old  times.

     Sometimes to  reciprocate the very sensations in a tête-a-tête sessions, the exhilarating experience that cloaked them for a while. Oh , they were in the midst of breeze that comes from the snow capped hills and valleys.

Coffee was poured from the pot, preserving essence of roasted coffee beans.

Feelings fluttering over the flowers of intellect.

Workings of universe and talks of the greater mind

  They talked everything under the sun , with a language that flowed on and on, till the sun sets with its orange hue.

Enlightening their soul and spreading the fragrance , valuable lessons of life.


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