A Voyage To The History

The moment you make your way out through the mist that is embracing everything around.You feel you are almost treading to the ways of paradise.

There is scent of the nature, its wildness spread in every direction.  The chilling winds communicate with you in a language, never foreign to your instincts.

What can be more beautiful than the ancient building of church surrounded by cedar trees. The trees that always bow down to adore the preserved beauty of the church since time immemorial.

           Ah ! rustic , bronze colured bell, tolling and addressing the every passerby, hangs in the middle. You enter the abode and you start brimming up with piousness.The architecture and the glass painted windows prick me to admire the souls of the great artist and it’s creation.

It was occupied by the serene woods, there lay the piece and solitude.It’s sight was old but rejuvenating in it’s quietude. The board depicting the early history of the place engraved in following word

             CHURCH OF THE ST. JOHN

                  IN THE WILDERNESS

“One of the oldest Cathedrals in North India. Built in 1852 AD is known for its unique gothic character, stained glass windows and memorial of Lord Elgin. The British Viceroy of India who died here in 1863.” 

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