Pearls on Paper

20160605194531Poetry is a sweet melody , a melancholic tone, that mirrors the myriad languages of the world.

When it is inked on the paper it bring alives the far-fetched imagery and delights beyond words.

The prose-writing is therefore the shelter where  each language resides . Verses then become the ornaments whose beauty laces the words and it’s kinds.

Before your words rust and your piece of writing becomes a swan song . Let your heart pour out every sensation and your intellect every impulse. Your poetic genius then should walk through the streets of excellence. Your diction and creativity should climb the heights of mountain. Your flights of imagination should fraame the picture of phrases and the burning passion should enlighten the sentences in utter fantasy. The aesthetic  beauty that you breathe in the meadows of nature should be painted in the letters. Your triggering emotions should find a way to the narrow portions of a book lying on the wooden tables.

Let us live in our utopia, where reading becomes our vein of blood and writing the heart beat, beating with sounds of Literature.


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