Tranquility in the foggy land

The mist with the mysteries of drowsy experiences touching my heart and soul ,

The heavenly charm in the feathery texture of milk like white on a whole,

The drops of glittering spring waters was seen flying with skylark in a roll.

A snow crest cottage was lying in the blossoming of garden variety,

The bird’s cage and the silvery effect of the spotless clouds being mighty,

The serenity in the manner of hill people there was full of love and loyality.

The gusty peaks and the state of nirvana you reach at the pious land,

The subtle brook bountiful mountain top and the grapes vine humming in a band,

At a distance from the non material world the peace that withstand.

The valley of flowers was covered with the sheets of fog spread every where,

The falling dusk letting twinkle the life above in a layer,

Letting raise the passion and benevolence blooming in the fog banks unaware.


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