The First Love affair with oneself

“Dream as much as you can, only these dreams and action towards them will lead you to the place you belong to”

Life has given you a journey, you are like that sober and scented Rose among the blooming flowers.Very few among them are gifted with the beauty of pearly snow flakes and pleasant dew drops, to be alike you, reflecting you always.

You are on a solitary path in this journey.You are moving in the shades and sunshine with a sensibility and pride, spreading love around and never deviated on the path.You sit for sometimes ,you halt but that continue for only a time being. Walking in the bitterness and humbleness of all the season you have to go on,until you rest down to get into a deep sleep.

“No diamond and its glare can make you blind, you will pick up the                                         bright light of candle instead .”

You will rise and climb that mountain , where you have fairer vision waiting for to conquer yourself with all its delight and peace.It is when the two valleys covered by the same dreamy mist looks alike and have the same set of atmosphere. They burn similarly on the presence of the hot sun two survive.

Love is going to be the bridge between them,

Understanding a silver chord to bind them ,

Their own flow of winds their identity,

Air will be there universal feeling that will run in a common thread,

With the feelings of togetherness in a dream that will be a reality,

Your eyes will be focused,

Wearing the spectacles which can visualize you passion moving far ahead .

In the voyage never looking back and rise after fall but it will be a complete journey and therefore life will be a rainbow of colors representing your position and identity.





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