Mystic Mist.!

While twisting and turning on some height,

I caught glimpse of creamy white cotton scattering in the light .

Following me like a memory of a fading moment,

I tried to captured softly in my eyes.

There was a sudden urge my heart was longing for,

To make this journey a destination , destination foh my lonely dreams.

My breaths mingling into the atmosphere and windows fogging slight,

My eyes which were already in love with the mountains again felt for the sight,

More than just a cool chilly wind , it was my feelings waving in a flight.

Holding my pounding heart , and doubting my visionary sense,

I once was lost in this huge sky .

The company of pines was like drinking a fresh wine ,

And the spiking leaves piercing this love of mine.

The life peeping up on the hills was gentle serene and good,

This was essense of lives in woods.

The black slates of the roof reflecting dim rays of sun,

The smoke from the chimney moving in a run.

Behold your breath , if you ever happen to be in this state of consciousness,

Because it can fill the very lifelessness.!


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